Verizon's upcoming Casio Commando 4G LTE shown off in new image leak

الأربعاء، 12 يونيو 2013

After originally getting outed in April by a Federal Communications Commission entry, Verizon's new Casio G'zOne Commando is back again today in a new image leak. The render, shared by @evleaks, shows a device that looks fairly similar to the one that we previously saw at the FCC. There are some silver and red accents on the new Commando's face, along with some screws and a set of capacitive Android navigation keys. Unsurprisingly, this new Commando will also include support for Verizon's 4G LTE network.
Additional spec details for this Casio Commando are fairly light right now, but the user manual included with the aforementioned FCC listing did mention that the device will sport front and rear cameras, an 8GB microSD card and a ruggedized body. So far there doesn't appear to be anything terribly shocking about this new Commando model, but I'm sure that there are some Verizon customers that are interested in a toughened smartphone that will be glad to see an update to the aging G'zOne Commando

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