12 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Alcohol Addicts

الثلاثاء، 28 يناير 2014
Stephen King

1. Stephen King

World famous, horror writing phenomenon and the visionary behind such scare-you-to-pieces flicks such as It, Stephen King fought a battle with drugs and alcohol for years. After a family intervention is 1987, King has remained sober ever since.

Robin Williams

2. Robin Williams

Who doesn’t love Robin Williams? He was the eclectically charming professor of literature in Dead Poet’s Society, Peter Pan in Hook and who could forget Mrs. Doubtfire. Early in his career, Robin had a problem with cocaine and alcohol but begin the road to sobriety after friend John Belushi died of an overdose.

Ben Affleck

3. Ben Affleck

Armageddon actor, Ben Affleck, and the soon to be new face behind the Batman mask, entered rehab in 2001 for alcoholism.  Ben stayed sober for a decade before being spotted with a drink at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011.

Michael J Fox

4. Michael J. Fox

The brilliant and beautiful-soul, Michael J. Fox had a problem with alcohol before his Parkinson’s diagnosis. Sober ever since, Michael spends much of his time advocating to further research for Parkinson’s patients and those to come.

Jamie Lee Curtis

5. Jamie Lee Curtis

Acting great and Activa spokeswoman, Jamie Lee Curtis not so famously suffered with an addiction to alcohol and pain killers in 1999. But Curtis got clean and moved on, citing that overcoming her addiction was the greatest achievement of her life.

Diana Ross

6. Diana Ross

Queen of Soul and arguably one of the most famous faces in the world today, Diana Ross entered a Malibu rehab center in 2002 to overcome her addiction to alcohol.

Mel Gibson

7. Mel Gibson

In 2006, Gibson was infamously arrested on a DUI and then spiraled downhill to have many very public behind-closed-doors problems. From hateful voice messages to spewing hateful slurs, Gibson has sincegained control of his behavior and his addiction.

Johnny Depp

8. Johnny Depp

Though the public doesn’t know the exact time frame, Johnny Depp admitted that he had suffered a serious addiction to alcohol in the past. Amazingly, it never showed on film… everything Depp touches seems to turn to gold.

Mickey Mantle

9. Mickey Mantle

The most celebrated Yankee of all time, Mickey Mantle was addicted to alcohol and played almost every game either drunk or hung-over. This is an incredible feat considering how talented he was on the field. Mantle passed away as a result of health problems brought on by drinking.

Billie Holiday

10. Billie Holiday

Beautiful, eloquent and a voice for the ages, Billie Holiday couldn’t handle the many mountingpressures that came with the amount of fame she had come to know.


11. Eminem

After spending years bashing gay men, Eminem formed an unlikely friendship with Elton John who took him under his wing and helped him to get sober. Eminem is now back on top of the charts and his alcohol abuse is a thing of the past.

Anthony Hopkins

12. Anthony Hopkins

No more fava beans and a nice Chianti for Hopkins, after waking up in another state and not knowing how he got there he joined AA. Remarkably, Hopkins has been sober ever since.

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