Nokia planning to cease shipments of Symbian devices this summer

الأربعاء، 12 يونيو 2013

Ever since Nokia first announced that it'd be adopting Windows Phone as part of a "strategic partnership" with Microsoft, the Finnish manufacturer as steadily been turning its focus away from its Symbian-based products in favor of its Windows Phone-powered Lumia hardware and its affordable line of Asha handsets. Now a new report claims that Nokia will soon complete its transition from Symbian by ceasing shipments of products running the operating system.
According to the Financial Times, Nokia is planning to stop shipments of its Symbian-based smartphones this summer. The company isn't expected to make a formal announcement regarding the decision since there's still stock of Symbian hardware in some parts of the globe. In a statement to the FT, Nokia explained that it took the company 22 months to release a new Symbian phone, while the same process takes less than a year for a Windows Phone. The firm says that it can use that extra time to focus on apps and other "elements of the experience that make a big difference."
While Symbian was a major part of Nokia's mobile efforts before it cozied up with Microsoft, we've been hearing less and less about the operating system since then. The last Symbian device to come to market (and the last Symbian device, period) was the 808 PureView in 2012, and while that device's 41-megapixel camera sensor got it a lot of attention, some folks were turned off by the presence of Symbian. Recent rumors suggest that Nokia will be incorporating a similarly-beefy camera in an upcoming Windows Phone product, meaning that the final Symbian device may soon lose its reason for existence. Have you ever owned a Symbian-powered device?

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