HTC One headed to C Spire Wireless

الأربعاء، 12 يونيو 2013

Verizon recently announced that it plans to launch the HTC One sometime this summer, but it's not the only U.S. carrier that'll be adding HTC's new flagship to its shelves in the near future. C Spire Wireless has revealed that it will carry the HTC One as well. The regional operator isn't saying much about availability or pricing right now, but it promises to share more details soon.
While C Spire may not be one of the biggest carriers in the U.S., it's been keeping up with the larger operators by introducing quite a few new devices and services. That includes expanding its 4G LTE network as well as launches of high-profile hardware like the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S 4. Now it looks like C Spire has landed itself another major Android smartphone in the HTC One, something that I'm sure many of its customers are pleased to hear. We'll be sure to give you a shout once we hear more on C Spire's launch plans for the One, but until then you can check out Aaron's Snapshot Review of the international variant below.

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