The 20 Most Pointless Movie Deaths Ever

السبت، 25 مايو 2013
pointless movie deaths

Like happy endings, death is also an indispensable element in Hollywood movies. However, some of the characters only dies for death’s sake. There is no proper cause and good timing, some of the deaths are totally avoidable. In these cases, it’s better to keep them alive a little bit longer, for the movie’s sake.
Here are 20 most pointless movie deaths in history that you wish never happened.

20. Batman

The Movie Death: The Joker attempts a last gasp escape via helicopter, only for the Dark Knight to shackle his leg to a gargoyle. Gravity does the rest.
Why It’s Pointless: The Joker could have been snared without actually dying. Batman doesn’t kill people, and yet he effectively does for his rival here.

19. Predator

The Movie Death: Blain Cooper makes an early exit after the Predator sucker-punches him right through the chest. Kapow!
Why It’s Pointless: You know the wisecracking comic foil has likely got his card marked, but doing away with Blain with so much of the movie left to run seems like a real waste. He’s the most charismatic character, and yet he buys it in such throwaway fashion!

18. The Dark Knight Rises

The Movie Death: Bane proves himself a ruthless taskmaster by airily disposing of one of his own henchmen in Gotham’s sewer system. Could he not have just put him on gardening leave?
Why It’s Pointless: The poor guy doesn’t really deserve it for one, but taking even that aside, surely a plan of Bane’s magnitude requires as much manpower as possible? Even lowly henchmen have their uses…

17. The Godfather Part 3

The Movie Death: Michael Corleone grabs at his chest, before slumping dead to the floor in the grounds of Don Tommasino’s Sicilian villa.
Why It’s Pointless: Michael’s story arc has already been completed with the death of his daughter. Seeing his own demise feels like an unnecessary afterthought.

16. Scream 2

The Movie Death: Randy briefly forgets all his horror movie knowledge in round two of the Scream franchise, when the killer lures him into a van, and gets a little stab-happy.
Why It’s Pointless: Having the most genre-savvy character in the series suddenly disregard all his own rules is bizarre, particularly since his death doesn’t really serve the plot, save to bump up the body count.

15. Cloverfield

The Movie Death: Having managed to survive a helicopter crash, friendly fire and an attack by the monster itself, Rob and Beth are finally done for when a bridge collapses on top of them.
Why It’s Pointless: Having invested ninety minutes or so into watching our two heroes survive an assault by a terrifying monster, it feels a bit cheap to have them squelched by a few crumbling bricks!

14. LOTR The Fellowship Of The Ring

The Movie Death: Okay, so we know he doesn’t technically die here, but as far as the first film is concerned, Gandalf’s “you shall not pass” routine is the end of the road for the venerable old wizard.
Why It’s Pointless: Taking aside the fact that the rest of the Fellowship are halfway out the door anyway, Gandalf takes an inordinately long time to walk away from the broken bridge. If he’d pick his feet up a bit, that flailing whip would have missed for sure!

13. Super

The Movie Death: Boltie accompanies The Crimson Bolt in his attempt to rescue his wife, only to receive a bullet in the head for her troubles. Oof!
Why It’s Pointless: Poor old Boltie’s death comes out of nowhere, and doesn’t really serve to add anything to the film’s grand finale. One for shock value only.

12. The Iron Giant

The Movie Death: The big, gentle tin man takes one for the team when a submarine missile threatens to blow up the town. Sniff.
Why It’s Pointless: We already know that the IG has some heavy duty weaponry in his arsenal, so why didn’t he just shoot that missile out of the sky? Hmmm? We know he reconstructs, but even so…

11. Serenity

The Movie Death: Wash takes a harpoon through the chest, thus providing Serenity with its obligatory Joss Whedon “surprise”.
Why It’s Pointless: It comes from nowhere and brings the life of a well-loved character to a jarringly abrupt end. We know Whedon loves killing people off, but this one really does seem arbitrary.

10. Speed

The Movie Death: Poor old Harry has only just recovered from the gunshot wound absorbed at the beginning of the film when he finds himself blundering into the bomber’s home. Needless to say, there’s a surprise in store…
Why It’s Pointless: Harry seems to only be in the film to soak up punishment. Not only is he blown up halfway through the film, but his death adds precisely nothing to the endeavour to thwart Dennis Hopper’s unhinged bomber. Damn.

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