The 20 Most Pointless Movie Deaths Ever Part2

السبت، 25 مايو 2013
9. LOTR The Two Towers

The Movie Death: Haldir pitches up at Helm’s Deep just in time to feel some Orcish steel between his shoulder blades. Should have stayed at home old boy.
Why It’s Pointless: While Fellowship had Boromir’s death as a bona fide tearjerker, Two Towers’ attempt to recreate that surge of emotion falls distinctly flat, largely because the audience couldn’t give two hoots whether Haldir makes it or not. Many will have been struggling to remember exactly who he was…

8. X-Men: The Last Stand #1

The Movie Death: Cyclops discovers his mysteriously resurrected girlfriend Jean at Alkali Lake. Dumbfounded by his discovery, he goes in for an embrace… and then dies. Off-screen.
Why It’s Pointless: Cyclops, one of the best-loved characters in the entire Marvel canon, is canned without a second thought in the film’s opening reel. Off screen!

7. I Am Legend

The Movie Death: Will Smith gets his “aw hell nah” moment when Robert Neville pulls the pin on a grenade and blows himself up amid a swarm of angry nightcrawlers.
Why It’s Pointless: He’s just stowed two fellow survivors in a reinforced coal bunker we know can fit three people. Could he not have pulled the pin and dived in himself? Apparently not.

6. Alien 3

The Movie Death: Hicks, Newt and Bishop all bite the dust in the opening minutes as a Facehugger runs wild and their escape pod suffers a catastrophic crash.
Why It’s Pointless: It renders the entirety of the second film entirely pointless, while adding nothing to the plot of the third film, save clearing the decks. Boooo!

5. Enemy At The Gates

The Movie Death: Joseph Fiennes redeems his personal shittiness by sticking his head above the parapet to determine Ed Harris’ position. Brave, but ultimately unnecessary…
Why It’s Pointless: Narratively, it makes sense, as it brings Fiennes’ character arc to a suitable denouement. However, we can’t quite get over the fact that with corpses all around him, surely Fiennes could have saved his own head a bullet!

4. Star Trek: Generations

The Movie Death: Captain Kirk meets a thoroughly underwhelming end when a bridge collapses on top of him. That’s how one of the greatest sci-fi heroes of all time bows out? Really?
Why It’s Pointless: Kirk doesn’t even die taking down the main villain – he merely exposes his concealed bank of weapons. At least give the guy a glorious exit!

3. X-Men: The Last Stand #2

The Movie Death: Professor Xavier meets an ignominious end when the Phoenix-possessed Jean Grey reduces him to nothingness. Not even a pile of smoking ashes!
Why It’s Pointless: Not only does Xavier’s death fail to add anything to the plot in terms of narrative or character motivation, it’s revealed at the last that he transferred his spirit into somebody else anyway.

2. Dante’s Peak

The Movie Death: Granny Ruth meets a heroic end when she dives into an acidic lake in order to help pull her family to shore.
Why It’s Pointless: The boat may have been corroding, but the family were about three feet from safety when Granny decides to turn martyr. Presumably she’d become a little bewildered…

1. Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace
darth maul death

The Movie Death: Darth Maul fails to make it through the first instalment of the new trilogy, defeated by the combined might of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.
Why It’s Pointless: Darth Maul was the one saving grace of the prequels, a proper villain worthy of the name. if Lucas had decided to maintain him throughout the three films, they might have resonated more with the fans. Instead, he’s discarded at the first opportunity. Bah.

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