DWAYNE The Rock Johnson, A Gambling Man from Movie Star to WWE Royal Rumble!

الثلاثاء، 21 مايو 2013

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Is there anything that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson can’t do? From being the hero and saving the day in all-action, muscle-packed action movies and delivering the People’s Elbow to win himself WWE Championships to strumming on his guitar and playing the caring, loving dad in romantic comedies, it seems like he pretty much has it all.
Loved the world over, from the US to the UK, South Africa to Japan, he is almost Mr Universe on-screen! He’s proven that he can handle physical pressure inside the ring – he’s been thrown off ladders and through tables, been hit with sledgehammers and steel chairs and still got back up to win. He’s proven he can handle mental pressure – nailing those big parts in blockbuster movies and always being one step ahead of his wrestling foes in their frequent live verbal sparring spats. What he needs is a new challenge, something totally different from what he’s used to. He’s brushed aside hundreds of enemies in the past, but how will he stand up when faced with Springbok Casino games?
Will he be able to convert his talent for remembering lines into an ability to remember cards and in doing so help himself to a big money Springbok blackjack win?  Like his character in The Game Plan had to when he was forced into fatherhood, will he be able to show ultimate patience and come out on top on the slots? He’ll have to if he wants to avoid hitting rock bottom and having the casino lay the smackdown on him.
Like wrestling, gambling has its ups and downs, you can’t always win, and sometimes you have to rely on a huge comeback from a place of almost no hope to come out victorious. When you manage it though, it feels all the better, and if he’s going to succeed against a giant like Jackpot Capital Casino then he might have to kick out of a few three-counts before raising his arm as champ.
The list of games he’ll have the chance to tackle is almost as long as the list of bad guys he’s taken on in his acting career. As well as blackjack and the slots there is also roulette, baccarat, Caribbean hold’em poker, craps, Vegas three card rummy and many more. For such a multi-talented man, one who can go from smashing an opponent into the canvas one minute to cradling his daughter in his arms the next, switching between the disciplines shouldn’t be a problem, he’ll just hope that lady luck will be his tag tem partner.

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