Southland Finale: Gah! That Can't Be the End of the Series, Right?!

الخميس، 18 أبريل 2013

Spoiler Alert: Don't read on if you don't want to know what went down in Southland's season five finale. Seriously, you've been warned, so don't complain about spoilers in the comments!
Oh, that hurt.
Though its future is uncertain, Southland's season five finale didn't hold any punches, delivering one doozy of a cliffhanger that found a fan favorite's life in jeopardy. 
Stars Ben McKenzieRegina King and Shawn Hatosy have all signed on to star in pilots (though they are in second position to Southland and would have to recast the actors' roles should TNT renew the gritty cop drama for a sixth season), so how did their characters end the season…and possibly the series? 
Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) gets shot! And possibly dies!
On edge after being put on desk duty and forced to see a shrink, a neighbor's crap generator sets Cooper off and leads to a bloody altercation. When cops arrive on the scene, he still doesn't stop, leading the cops to shoot him several times, not realizing he's one of them. And then that's it. Gah!
As if that wasn't enough heartbreak for fans, Ben (McKenzie) and Sam's (Hatosy) partnership (and friendship, obviously) seems to be over for good once the latter learns about all the secrets the former has been keeping from him and his shady behavior. Who knew Ryan Atwood would turn out to be a dirty cop?! (Sandy Cohen must be so disappointed.) 
So basically bummer times all around!
What did you think of Southland's series finale? Were you satisifed or left wanting more? 

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