Beauty and the Beast, Vegas, Nikita and More

الخميس، 18 أبريل 2013

TV can be a cold and cruel business, but the fact of the matter is that some shows will not live to see another season after Upfronts in mid-May. But we are doing our part to rescue your favorite shows from extinction with our annual Save One Show competition, which starts tomorrow! To prep you fully before the tournament kicks off, we've gone to our sources and insiders about certain bubble shows to get the latest updates on their fate.

We've already covered NBC, ABC and Fox, so last but not least: CBS and the CW. Keep in mind, if you don't see your favorite show on here, chances are it's already been renewed, is a sure thing for renewal, or it's already been canceled by its network. The shows we've got scoop on are ones that are on the bubble or haven't gotten an official announcement yet.

Here is where things stand now:


Criminal Minds: This bubble show has been teetering more toward the renewal side then the cancellation side.

Two and a Half Men: The only thing holding up this pickup are probably contract negotiations. We anticipate one more season from Ashton Kutcher & Co.

America's Next Top Model: It's the show that keeps on trucking.

hart of dixie: The ratings are solid, and it's cheap to produce. HoD's fate isn't as secure as other bubble shows, especially if CW finds pilots they want to take a chance on more than they want to bring back Rachel Bilson.

Nikita: Once very close to getting the ax, Nikita performs well enough on Fridays to get another season.


Beauty and the Beast: Clearly the fans love this show, and the cast and crew are very confident in their renewal chances. In fact, they are making no plans to make the season-one finale a series finale.


CSI: NY: CBS is going to stick with the original, and that's it.

Golden Boy: Not enough buzz or ratings to warrant another season.

Rules of Engagement: You never know with this show that won't quit, but we hear CBS will probably put it to rest once and for all.

Vegas: Too expensive to warrant the low ratings.

The Carrie Diaries: A network source tells us that the network is bummed that the Sex and the City prequel didn't get the buzz they hoped for, and the ratings are not great. There's still a chance for the CW to get Carrie-d away one more time, but it's slim.


Cult: The CW pulled this series from the schedule completely, even after all the production was wrapped. They're not even airing the finished episodes. It's done.

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