Eddie Murphy Is Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actor (INFOGRAPHIC)

السبت، 13 أبريل 2013
Eddie Murphy

Did you see "A Thousand Words"? Not many people did. Eddie Murphy's past three movies generated only $2.30 at the box office for every dollar of his salary, making him the most overpaid actor in Hollywood last year, according to a Forbes survey (via Statista).
Katherine Heigl came in second, bringing in only $3.40 for every dollar of her pay. Her latest crime thriller, "One For the Money," made back less than its $40-million budget at the box office worldwide.
Better luck next time? Heigl stars alongside Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton and Amanda Seyfried in the big-screen romantic comedy "The Big Wedding," in theaters later this month. Next up for Murphy: reprising his role in the 1984 classic film "Beverly Hills Cop" for a TV version.

Most overpaid actors in Hollywood in 2012

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