11 Most Insane Celeb Stalkers Ever

الخميس، 13 فبراير 2014

Our culture’s obsession with celebrities can get a little out of control at times. But occasionally, things get really, really crazy and in a scary way. We’re talking constant phone calls or letters, uninvited visits to their homes, the works. These 11 celebrity “fans” took things over the edge.

1. Dante Michael Soiu (Gwyneth Paltrow)

Just so you know, Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t appreciate gifts of pornography and vibrators. If only someone had told David Michael Soiu this before he sent her all that plus multiple letters a day until he was eventually confined to an insane asylum.


2. Karen McNeil (Justin Timberlake)

Imagine someone showing up at your front door claiming they’re God and are being chased by witches. This is exactly what happened to Justin Timberlake when Karen McNeil sought the singer out in 2009 so they could “rule together”. McNeil was not only a regular at the Timberlake residence but had popped up at Axl Rose’s abode a few times as well.


3. Robert Dewey Hoskins (Madonna)

Robert Dewey Hoskins’ love for Madonna knows no bounds, prompting the man to escape from the nut house he was put in after stalking her previously. Hoskins had the very reasonable goal of either marrying the singer or killing her, but didn’t succeed in either before being apprehended once again.


4. Livia Bistriceanu (Leonardo DiCaprio)

Livia Bistriceanu believes that actor Leonardo DiCaprio is her husband and the father of her unborn child. We’re not sure what that makes her since she also thinks Leo is Jesus. He’s a great actor and all, but that may be going a little overboard in our opinion.


5. Angelica Barnes (Lady Gaga)

In an attempt to imitate Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress, Angelica Barnes killed a cat with plans of creating her own raw flesh ensemble. We’ll never know if a single cat’s enough to clothe a full grown human because Barnes was arrested before she could finish her masterpiece. Not to mention – WTF?!


6. Miljenko Parserias Bukovic (Julia Roberts)

Miljenko Parserias Bukovic’s body is covered in tattoos…of Julia Roberts. The Mexico-born man has dedicated his skin (and wallet) to the actress’s face with plans to keep going until he runs out of space.


7. John Dubis (Jennifer Lopez)

When contacting Jennifer Lopez’s mom failed to get John Dubis closer to the singer, his next course of action was breaking into her pool house and living there. The man stayed there for several days undetected, hanging out on her three acre property and posting selfies to Facebook.


8. Yolanda Saldivar (Tejano Music Star Selena)

This is where things on our list get a little more serious. Yolanda Saldivar was very serious about her position as president of Selena’s fan club, keeping a candlelit shrine to the singer in her house. After being fired for stealing, Saldivar shot and killed Selena during a meeting between the two.


9. John Hinckley, Jr. (Jodie Foster)

The only logical course of action after seeing the movie Taxi Driver is to become so enthralled with actress Jodie Foster that you try to kill the President to win her affections. And that’s exactly what John Hinckley, Jr. did in 1981, after his assassination attempt on Pres. Ronald Reagan. He was sent to a mental hospital soon after and has yet to be released.


10. Paula Godspeed (Paula Abdul)

Paula Godspeed showed her appreciation for singer Paula Abdul with a car decked out in the singer’s memorabilia. She even dedicated her license plate to her. Not long after making it on American Idol to confess her love for the judge, she killed herself with prescription pills while sitting in her car in front of Abdul’s house.


11. Dana Martin (Justin Bieber)

While stuck in prison on a life sentence, Dana Martin didn’t just have sexual fantasies about Justin Bieber, he hired two men to castrate the young star so he could have something to remember him by.

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