10 Celebrities That Have Too Many Tattoos

الاثنين، 18 نوفمبر 2013
Lil Wayne with ball cap and glasses

Lil Wayne

splitscreen of Rihanna's back and shoulder tattoos


Chris Brown with sunglasses and neck tattoo

Chris Brown

Angelina Jolie in a bathtub, sporting back tattoos

Angelina Jolie

Adam Levine, shirtless and in front of British flag

Adam Levine

Kat Von D in a white dress in bed, with tattoos prominent

Kat Von D

David Beckham, tattooed and shirtless

David Beckham

Lea Michele in blue tank top

Lea Michele

Travis Barker, shirtless and heavily inked

Travis Barker

Demi Lovato in nude-colored dress with side tattoo showing

Demi Lovato

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