Kim Kardashian 5 Craziest Lawsuits

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Kim Kardashian is taking one of YouTube’s founders to court! She and fiancé Kanye West are suing Chad Hurley for posting video footage of their engagement ceremony to MixBit, his new collaborative video app, and tweeting it to his followers the next day. Hurley was present during the proposal and had signed a non-disclosure agreement prior to entering AT&T Park in San Francisco.
The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages for the Hollywood power couple, claiming that Hurley was not invited to the engagement and "proceeded to try to turn the event into one starring himself, broadcasting the images he knew were the exclusive property rights of someone else.”
This is hardly the first time that Kardashian has found herself in a legal battle, though. Check out five of her biggest lawsuits so far.
1. Kim Kardashian vs. Mobile Resource Card
Kim Kardashian 50 Pounds

Remember the Kardashian Kard? The reality star, along with sisters Kourtney and Khloe, tried to launch a pre-paid debit card geared towards teenagers, but the Connecticut Attorney General voiced concern over outrageous fees that he deemed as "predatory" scams. The Kardashian sisters backed out of the endorsement deal, prompting Mobile Resource Card to sue them and momager Kris Jenner in a $75 million breach of contract lawsuit. The lawsuit was thrown out by a judge in June 2011, claiming the sisters had no duty to promote a product that could be considered unlawful.

2. Kim Kardashian vs. Vivid

Before she was famous, Kardashian tried to block the release of her sex tape with singer Ray J back in 2007. She was unsuccessful with that part of her lawsuit, but settled with the porn company for $5 million. The rest is history.

3. Kim Kardashian vs. Old Navy

Kim Kardashian

The reality star sued the clothing brand in July 2011 over what she claims was a violation of her publicity rights. The company used singer-model Melissa Molinaro in one of her ads, but Kardashian felt the model looked too similar to her and might confuse consumers about her actual endorsements. The lawsuit was eventually settled for an undisclosed amount.

4. Kim Kardashian vs. Radiancy

Kim Kardashian

Back when Kardashian was a spokesperson for Tria, rival hair removal competitor Radiancy sued her for unspecified damages in November 2011. They claimed she made numerous false and misleading statements while promoting Tria products. Kardashian told Wendy Williams that she used the products on her entire body at home, but TRIA admitted the product is unsafe for use on the face, head, ears, neck and genitals because it may injure skin. Kardashian also declared that she was “loving the results so far” after using the product for a few weeks, but TRIA’s website claims that users wouldn’t see results after a few weeks.

5. Kim Kardashian vs. Jonathan Jackson

Kim Kardashian

In November 2011, the reality star sued her former publicist for $200,000 after he insinuated that her quickie marriage to Kris Humphries was a sham. Jackson, who worked for Kardashian from 2007-2009, later attempted suicide over the lawsuit and declared that it was “too much to handle.” They settled in February 2012 and Jackson was required to release a public apology.

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