celebs surprising natural hair colors

الأحد، 3 نوفمبر 2013

Kristen actually was born with strawberry blonde locks. Look for her to be returning to her roots in her new film On The Road.

Although Scarlett is usually blonde (and even went red forThe Avengers), she is actually a natural brunette.

Gossip Girl is coming to an end, but here’s hoping natural blonde Leighton keeps Blair’s darker hue anyway.

Brooklyn Decker was introduced to us as a dirty blonde, but the model and now actress has natural auburn hair.

Katy Perry may be a hair chameleon, but she has been sticking to brunette lately (and we much prefer it to her natural blonde).

Jessica is a natural brunette and her sister Ashlee is a natural blonde. Who would have thought?

This latina has that natural beach bombshell look — tan skin and dirty blonde hair.

At first we were shocked when we found out Emma’s hair wasn’t naturally red. But since her return to blonde, we’re starting to get used to her natural hue.

With those big red lips, Angelina looks much better with brunette hair, opposed to her god-given dirty blonde.

We haven’t seen J.Lo with mocha brown hair since…her Selena days? We completely forgot those honey highlights weren’t real.

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