Samsung Galaxy S4 mini shown in ultra-clear pictures

السبت، 8 يونيو 2013

Samsung's launch of a little brother to the Galaxy S4 looks to be imminent as more pictures have leaked of the little tyke.

It looks like we're going to see a carbon copy of the relationship between the S3 and S3 mini here, as the phone looks just like a shrunken version of the larger device (shockingly).

The images of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini depict a phone that's around 8mm thick, which would still be impressive at that size, and using a slightly cheaper-looking plastic back cover.

Inside, the microSIM and microSD card slot live under the battery rather than in the larger phone chassis, like on the S4, which means the device will be a little bit thicker than its bigger bro.
Bigger can be better

Then again, it needs to be a little chunkier – while it sounds great, in reality a thin and tiny phone would be a nightmare to operate day to day.

The leak site claims that it will still have a Super AMOLED display, albeit with qHD rather than Full HD resolution, 1GB of RAM and a 5- or 8MP camera attached to the back. Such vagueness suggests the specs are a long way from nailed down, although all would make sense.

We'd expect Samsung to launch the Galaxy S4 mini around July or August of this year, coming with an 8MP camera and a Super AMOLED screen with a ppi of around 300. This would put it squarely ahead of the S3 mini in terms of a spec boost without bringing the super-high price tag of the larger S4 with it.

Then again, it could come with Android 2.3, a 3-inch resistive screen, a miniSD slot and incompatibility with all UK networks – got to love Samsung's scattergun approach to handset-making at times.

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