HTC reportedly prepping 7-inch Android and Windows RT tablets

السبت، 1 يونيو 2013

HTC isn't exactly a stranger to the tablet market, having released hardware like the Flyer and Jetstream in the past, but it's been quite a while since we've seen a new slate from the Taiwanese manufacturer. That could be changing soon, though, as a new report claims that HTC is planning to launch a pair of new tablets running Android and Windows RT.
Sources speaking to Bloomberg say that HTC is currently working on a 7-inch Android tablet as well as a 7-inch Windows RT slate. Details on both units are fairly light for now, but the Windows RT model is said to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and both devices will reportedly be released "around September or October." HTC allegedly had a 12-inch Windows RT tablet in the works, but one tipster says that that unit has been given the axe due to its high cost as well as weak demand for Windows RT-powered hardware.
Thanks to the fact that HTC followed through on former executive Phil Roberson promise that HTC would be scaling back its tablet efforts in 2012, the company hasn't been relevant in the tablet market for a while. However, Roberson also said that HTC wasn't planning to completely stop working with tablets, and now it sounds like HTC may be ready to jump back into the tablet game with Android and Windows RT-powered offerings. We'll have to wait until the devices hit the market before making any judgments, but considering HTC's long absence from the tablet world and the recent popularity of the One, I'm sure that expectations for HTC's new tablets will be high.

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