10 Mind Blowing Movie Easter Eggs

الخميس، 6 يونيو 2013
Life of Brian

If you look closely at the crowd waiting to be healed by Brian the Messiah, you can see a gentleman with a particularly fine beard. Lo and behold, that man is George Harrison! The Beatles member was an avid fan of Monty Python and donated 3 million pounds to support the production of "Life of Brian."

The Simpsons' McBain

Throughout The Simpson's many seasons, the bicep flexing detective McBain can be seen in the background as characters watch him onscreen. A die-hard fan edited all of McBain's mini-appearances together and discovered that they formed a coherent story line, complete with climactic ending. Edited versions can be found on Youtube.

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Until Volume 2 of Quentin Tarantino's rip-roaring Kill Bill set, The Bride's name remains a mystery. However, those with quick trigger finger on their remote can see the Bride's name revealed in Volume 1. When she buys a plane ticket to Japan, the name "Beatrix Kiddo" is revealed for a split second.

Iron Man

In Iron Man's opening scene, Tony Stark is held captive by a band of terrorists speaking in a language that is not subtitled. This isn't a terrible loss, since it's seems easy to infer that the captors are discussing ransom money. However, the actors are actually speaking Urdu—and revealing the movie's entire plot.

Every Pixar Movie Ever

Pixar is almost as famous for their hidden images as they are their witty, adorable storylines. If you look closely, you can spot members of the Pixar family popping up all over the company's other films. In Toy Story 3, Andy's cluttered pinboard has a postcard haphazardly crammed in between notices, lists, and posters. Who is that postcard from? None other than Carl and Ellie Frederickson, the lovable couple from Up. The Pizza Planet Truck from the original Toy Story is a favorite Pixar easter egg—you can find it in Brave, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Cars, WALL-E, Up and Toy Story 2 and 3.


In a scene from the 1982 movie Tron, Sark examines a digital diagram while on his battlecruiser's bridge. Eagle-eyed viewers might be able to spot a brief glimpse of Pac Man munching his way through the display's yellow dots.


This beloved Disney film has a secret nod to another Disney favorite—Mickey Mouse. In the scene where Jafar's curse is lifted from Rajah the tiger, you can see a distinctive pair of ears and button nose before Rajah returns to his true form.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

In amongst the hieroglyphs at The Well of Souls, eagle-eyed viewers can spot two familiar aliens—C-3PO and R2-D2. A nice nod from one cult favorite to another!

Oz the Great and Powerful

Unsurprisingly, Oz the Great and Powerful features a number of subtle references to the 1939 original film The Wizard of Oz. The witch calls someone "my pretty," there's an army of brainless scarecrows, and Oz's traveling circus show is called The Baum Brothers Circus (a nod to author Frank Baum.)


This film probably has dozens of easter eggs yet to be discovered, but its soundtrack's double meaning has already been decoded. The Edith Piaf song "Non, je ne regrette rien" is used throughout the film to wake up Cobb and his crew. But for the last hour of the film, a heavy, dramatic instrumental track drones in the background. This piece is actually the Edith Piaf song, slowed down to an unrecognizable pace. Since time passes more slowly in dreams, the song's slow-motion version has some interesting plot implications.

These ten films have more to them than first meets the eye. If you're prepared to look closely, you just might find a new, unseen secret in your favorite film.

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