Take Flight With 2 New Posters From 'Man Of Steel'

الأحد، 12 مايو 2013

"Man Of Steel" material continues to roll out slowly, but steadily, and so we what have we gotten in the past week? Well: another song from the soundtrack landed online; 2 more promo spots showed some new footage and Henry Cavill revealed that despite Christopher Nolan's name attached as an executive producer, the movie will be the Zack Snyder show. And now to kick off another week of slow burn hype, here are a couple of posters.
And in keeping with carefully constructed rollout, there isn't much of any reveals here, with the one sheets instead playing on the iconography of the comic book hero. And that sounds about right with the studio eager to reboot Superman into a new franchise. But we presume somewhere in the next month leading up to release, we'll start getting more of the supporting characters too...or Zod at least anyway...
"Man Of Steel" opens on June 14th.

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