Selena Gomez's Bikini Body: How the Star Is Toning Up for Her Upcoming Tour

الأربعاء، 15 مايو 2013
Selena Gomez's Bikini Body

It's no secret that Selena Gomez has one hot little body.
As evidenced in countless bikini photos, the 20-year-old star exudes killer confidence, showing off both her sophisticated new styleand enviable physique these days. 
From skimpy swimwear to cutout dresses, the "Come and Get It" singer's grown-up wardrobe leaves little to imagination and has inspired plenty of fans to search for her fitness and diet secrets. 
And while the naturally-svelte star has gone on the record numerous times declaring that she doesn't like to work out (at all!) and requires carb-loaded ramen noodles while on tour, she recently admitted in an interview with MTV that she's starting to change up her routine in an effort to tone up for upcoming Stars Dance tour.
"I'm working out and I don't ever do that! I actually want to get more into dancing. Me and my girlfriends will get together and dance at 10 at night until one in the morning and make fun videos," the she singer shared. "It's helping me get active and I'm learning how to move. [Dance] is an art form and I want to get good at it. And it definitely feels good!"

And from the looks of things, her fun cardio workouts are totally paying off!

Aside from her enviable bod and killer talent, Gomez promises her concerts will be packed with non-stop action: "I want it to feel like a big rave!" 
Selena, we're ready when you are!

Selena Gomez Bikini
Selena Gomez Bikini

Selena Gomez Bikini

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