Michelle Rodriguez Shows Off Her Toned Body In A Nude Bikini

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Michelle Rodriguez
Fast & Furious 6 star Michelle Rodriguez showed off her well-toned body in a nude bikini on Miami Beach on Friday.

The star of the upcoming Machete Kills (Sept. 9) is the cover girl for the May issue of Cosmopolitan for Latinas, and in the issue she shares her wardrobe secrets and what she looks for in a man.

"I can make anything sexy," she says. "I'll wear a leather jacket and nothing underneath!"

Often playing the tough girl in films, Michelle reveals that she's quite the opposite in the bedroom.

"I don't have sex for pleasure. I do it because I like making love, and I like connecting with someone," she says. "I'm not that girl you can go and f**k."

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez
What kind of guy does she like to "connect" with?

"I'm attracted to manly men. I can't do metrosexuals who get their nails done more than me," she says.

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Rodriguez recently said that she's ready to put her acting career on the backburner for a while and concentrate on writing. She's also taken an interest in website Kickstarter.com after fans of TV show Veronica Mars raised millions to get a movie version of the hit Kristen Bell show made, along with millions more to get the sequel to Zach Braff's film Garden State going.

"I'm loving this kicks starter (sic) world I might get in on the action and make a feature with this public investor system, so much cooler than getting your movie funded by corporate chart following investor geeks, instead the public works in numbers as patrons of the Arts to fund movies they want to see," she wrote on TwitLonger.

Vacationing at the Eden Roc Hotel in France, May 2012:
Michelle Rodriguez

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