Justin Bieber Claims He's Being Framed

الخميس، 30 مايو 2013
Justin Bieber
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Rather than own up to his reckless behavior and choosing to be accountable for his allegedly irresponsible actions, Justin Bieber is now claiming that he is being framed in relation to two separate incidents with criminal charges pending.

TMZ reports that the teen is adopting an “It wasn’t me” defense in two criminal investigations.
With Spitgate, his fate remains up in the air. The L.A. County District Attorney is deliberating whether or not to prosecute The Biebs for spitting in a neighbor’s face and threatening bodily harm after said neighbor complained about the teen using local streets as his own personal racetrack for a Ferrari.
Da Biebs’ camp says it has a witness who is willing to testify under oath — which has serious legal ramifications and consequences if they don’t tell the truth — that the singer did not spew saliva. The D.A. wants to chat with this witness before deciding whether to move forward with charges.
However, further mucking up the case is the fact that authorities have two witnesses — the victim andsomeone else — who saw Biebs spit.
Pertaining to the second (and new) case, where he was again operating his Ferrari in dangerous fashion on residential streets, his people are quietly suggesting that it was not Le Biebs who was driving. Maybe they will suggest it was his pal Lil Twist, who has gotten into quite a bit of trouble when operating Bieber vehicles. He can take one for the team.
But there is a caveat, as multiple witnesses say that they saw Bieber behind the wheel.
The singer’s mentor Usher spoke out on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ about his recent run of bad behavior, sticking up for him and getting his back. Ush chalked things up to the fact that Biebs is a teen.

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