The Tragic Irony of 'Buckwild' Star Shain Gandee's Death: He Was About to Get a Raise

الأربعاء، 3 أبريل، 2013

Shain Gandee was about to see a significant change in his finances before he passed away on Monday.
In a sad twist of fate, the "Buckwild" star – along with seven of his castmates – had renegotiated their contracts with MTV and were about to sign a deal for a 300 percent pay increase for the show's second season. That would bring their respective incomes from $1,000 per episode in season one to $4,000 per episode in season two, as well as an additional $5,000 bonus, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Meanwhile, Gandee's family has been working to raise money to help cover funeral costs for the reality television star, as well as his uncle, David Gandee, 48, and Donald Robert Myers, 27, who died alongside him. Thankfully, it appears that Parallel Entertainment and Zoo Productions – the producers of MTV's "Buckwild" – will be footing the bill for the funeral of the show's star, Shain Gandee.
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The 21-year old, David Gandee, and Myers died of carbon monoxide poisoning following a late-night off-roading adventure that ended in a deep mud pit outside Sissonville, West Virginia, early Monday morning. The public service is reportedly slated for Sunday.
"Shain was a great kid with a big heart who had endless love for his mom and dad," Parallel Entertainment CEO J.P. Williams told TMZ. "I am from West Virginia and this show reminded me of how I grew up."
Parallel Entertainment, Zoo Productions, and MTV have not yet returned omg!'s requests for comments.
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Shain's cousin, Ashley, posted on Facebook that the family was planning a "mud run" off-road trucking event Wednesday in order to raise money to pay for the funeral costs. According to E! News, that money will now help pay for the funerals of the other two deceased. Further donations can still be made through Gandee's General Store.
Production on the second season of "Buckwild" has been shut down. No word yet as to whether or not it will resume.

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