Jonas Brothers Glad 'People Are Actually Showing Up' After Reunion

الأحد، 21 أبريل 2013
Jonas Brothers: Live From MTV

For Jonas Brothers fans, the band's reunion was a long time coming. And the trio thanks them for always staying enthusiastic throughout the entire process.
"It feels really nice. It's kind of like we never left. We spend a lot of time together, even when we're not doing music, but finally making music together is great and we are very happy that people are actually showing up to concerts and listening to the music yet again," Joe told MTV News during "Live From MTV" earlier this week, when they also dished about their new single, "Pom Poms," and their forthcoming 2013 album release.

However, the new music didn't just come together over night. After creating a batch of tunes, the guys scrapped them and decided to start over. Kevin said, "It wasn't right where we wanted it to be. It wasn't progressive enough. I think this record we wanted to take the time needed."
In the end, Nick says, this album is about shaking things up musically after spending some time apart, working on various other projects, like solo albums and stints on Broadway.
"I think it was a collective decision. We came to a place where we had sort of done our individual projects, and it felt like we were in a place where we were ready to create again and come back with some different inspirations," he said. "And we knew it was important to make this different from our previous releases and step outside of our comfort zone and really make this our best record yet. We worked hard and we took our time with it too. And we're very proud of the result and excited for fans to hear the rest of the record besides 'Pom Poms.' "
No release date has been set for the album, but the guys will also hit the road this summer for the Jonas Brothers Live Tour. It's slated to begin on July 10 in Chicago with stops planned in their home state of New Jersey, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Phoenix.
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