10 Stars With Best Hair In Hollywood

الاثنين، 18 نوفمبر 2013
Amanda Seyfried

We may not have stylists working on our manes from dusk till dawn, but there are still a few things we can learn from the best heads of hair in Hollywood. 
Best Volume
When we say volume, we're not talking pageant queen blowout. Amanda Seyfried's long hair never looks limp or lifeless because of its fullness from root to tip. To keep hair full and fluffy between shampoos, she uses Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair dry shampoo

Connie Britton

Best Texture
From curling irons to texturizing sprays, we're always striving for movement and shape. (Limp is not in our vocabulary). If there's someone we look to as an example, it's Connie Britton. The actress has recently revealed the secret her gorgeous hair to washing it only every few days. If only it were that simple. 
Gisele Bundchen

Best Waves
Whether they're beachy or run-your-hands-through-them soft, Gisele Bundchen's waves are always perfect. The secret to getting Gisele's beach waves is all in the cut. Layers should be concentrated around the face, leaving the back almost one length. 

Jennifer Aniston

Best Haircuts
Jennifer Aniston may have not liked "The Rachel," but it was the cut of a decade. And since then, each haircutshe's had has been all the buzz. 

Jessica Chastain
Best Red Hair
A natural redhead, Jessica Chastainhas what every redhead wants — that perfect copper from root to tip. To enhance the shine and color, her colorist Negin Zand applies a half-clear and half-golden copper gloss
Julianne Hough

Best Bob
Rose Byrne put the bob on the map, but Julianne Hough has kept it interesting. Never does she hit the red carpet with the same hairstyle twice.

Nina Dobrev

Best Long Hair
With long hair like hers, there isn't anything Nina Dobrev can't do. From fishtail braids to perfect waves, any style looks gorgeous with that long deep brown mane. To keep split ends at bay, the actress deep conditions by rotating three masks, one every third wash — the Sofia Treatment by Unite, a keratin treatment, and a mask by MoroccanOil.

Olivia Wilde

Best Ombré
With a range of colors from top to bottom, Olivia Wilde's ombré isn't subtle but the transition down is utterly flawless. 
 Taylor Swift

Best Curls
We love the straight hair and blunt bangs, but Taylor Swift will you please return to those gorgeous natural curls? They're ever straight haired-girl's dream. And she doesn't even use any product

Zooey Deschanel

Best Bangs
Known just as much for her bangs as her quirky character Jess, Zooey Deschanel told Glamour that she used her bangs to create an identity in Hollywood. That she did. And don't call her bangs blunt. They've actually been thinned with shears to look thinner. 

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