Nokia announces Glance Screen with double-tap to wake, launching in beta on Lumia 925

الأربعاء، 12 يونيو 2013

After its initial debut nearly a month ago, Nokia today announced that its new aluminum-clad Lumia 925 is officially making its way onto shelves and into pockets in Germany. To celebrate, Nokia has revealed that the new Lumia 925 comes preloaded with a new feature dubbed Glance Screen.
Launching in beta on the Lumia 925, Nokia's Glance Screen will display the time and battery level at all times on the device's standby screen, without requiring any input from the user. A night mode will be available to make it easier to check the time in the dark, and Glance Screen also allows users to double-tap their handset's display to wake it from sleep. Nokia says that it plans to roll out Glance Screen to "most Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia smartphones" alongside its upcoming Lumia Amber software update, which is expected to begin rolling out this summer.
While it may not sound like a groundbreaking feature to some, Nokia Glance Screen is a nifty little addition to its Lumia lineup that ought to make doing simple things like checking the time and waking a device a bit easier and quicker. Nokia has included a  Glance Screen-like feature in some of its previous non-Windows Phone devices, and it's good to see the functionality make the jump to Windows Phone just like Nokia did. What do you think of Glance Screen? Would you use the feature if it were available on your phone?

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