The 10 Worst Horror Movies Of All Time

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worst horror movies

Horror films tend to follow the same concept and an element of excitement arises when filmmakers claim to have a film that is original, terrifying, the scariest film in years. A majority of the time the only feeling that is experienced is strong disappointment. Recent years have seen the horror film industry at its all time lowest with one terrible film after another. Audiences are tired of seeing the same format time and time again… Young pretty people being stranded in a remote location with no phones, cars or way of getting away from the psychopath that wants to mutilate them.
There have been some truly awful films, claiming to be the scariest of all time, and the list below are by far the worst…

10. Silent Hill

Silent hill is a popular playstation game that was turned into a film, the game is scary and unnerving for players and despite the surreal concept, there is a genuine feeling of fear and discomfort. The characters are perfect for the gaming world as are the creatures that have to be battled.
The big screen version does not live up to expectations and the adaption does not work effectively with the big screen version appearing to be silly and unrealistic. The purpose of some horror films is to make audiences believe that it could happen and this is simply not the case with this film.

9. House of Wax

There is little to say about this film other than the fact it was simply awful and Paris Hilton was the lead, one way to completely ruin the credibility of a film. Another clichéd horror movie that consists of young beautiful people that spend most of their time running and screaming at each other before the inevitable happens and they are murdered.
There are parts of the film that were surprisingly jumpy and gross and did shock audiences but not to the extent that was promised. It is just another example of a bad teeny slasher horror film that is labelled as a true horror.

8. The Grudge

The original film was a Japanese creation that was quickly banned after its release due to the genuine fear that surrounded the film. The American re-make did not do the original film justice and watching a woman crawl around on her stomach for two hours didn’t really have the impact that was intended.
Sarah Michelle Gellar was a poor choice of lead role as she has been pigeon holed by her Buffy character and it’s hard to believe she would run away from a creature as opposed to destroying it. The creature was distinctly similar to the one, which appeared in The Ring and this is where one of the biggest problems began. It was hard to distinguish between the two films and in the end the appearance of the creature that made odd noises and spent all her time on the floor just lost believability.

7. Blair Witch Project

On its release, due to its originality, the film did leave audiences feeling a little disturbed. Unfortunately the criticism and mockery that surrounded the film undid any of the horrifying effects and that infamous ‘crying scene’ dispels the fear that is generated among the audience.
There are a lot of unanswered questions throughout the film and in particular towards the end. What exactly happened to the three people? What was it that got them? Why didn’t they have phones? And finally, and most importantly, why the hell did the go into the creepy abandoned house that scared them, had blood on the walls and was obviously inhabited by something nasty? Films such as the Blair Witch are quite frustrating which can dispel the sense of fear that is created.

6. The Devil Inside

Really, this film should hold and secure the number one position in this list. It is not only the worst exorcism film but also one of the worst horror films ever made.
The erratic nature of the editing and the plot meant that the film was almost impossible to follow and the weak story was even harder to understand. The ending of the film is the issue that most audiences had, it was the most disappointing, confusing, pointless ending. It was almost like the producers had run out of ideas so abruptly ended the movie. It is very difficult to create an exorcism film that differs from the rest, as the concept is almost identical, yet this was just a rip-off of all other films of the same genre.

5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a franchise that has been running since the 1980’s. There is a large collection of films of either sequels and follow-ups or remakes. The early 2000’s saw a remake of the original and it truly scared and intimidated the audience with the level of violence, gore and retelling of the story.
The most recent release was a sequel that was made in 3D in an attempt to freshen up the story. The 3D didn’t manage it, the story was simply retold, the characters were weak and audiences were unable to identify with them or feel any real bond. Everything that happened was more than anticipated and the unrealistic nature of the entire film and in particular its ending almost undermined the entire franchise.

4. Creep
British cinema hasn’t always been a success, particularly in comparison to the American attempts. Creep was titled as the first British horror film in years that will terrify and disturb audiences and naturally people flocked to see the film. Granted, there are elements that are uncomfortable as opposed to scary, but overall the film does little to boost British cinema.
The storyline and opening to the film are incredibly weak and do little to captivate the audience although once the first character has met their end quite early on into the film you do become slightly intrigued. This feeling quickly disappears. The ‘murderer’ is an unbelievable creature with an unbelievable history. The blood and gore in the film are the only things that conjure any emotions.

3. Paranormal Activity 2, 3 and 4

The first Paranormal Activity recreated the same feelings that the Poltergeist did so many years ago. The plot, the effects, the fact that in so many peoples minds this is something that could actually happen, combined made a truly scary film that encouraged audiences in their millions to indulge in watching the film and being truly horrified.
By the time the 2nd, 3rd and 4th arrived, audiences were completely immune to the effects of the ‘demon’. The 3rd film deviated from the original plot, which the 4th then picked up on again. The lack of continuity, sense and purpose meant the three films were flops. The second film showed some promise with the continuation of the original film, as audiences were keen to see what happened but the film was too similar to the first and was a disappointment with many unanswered questions remaining. The third film focused on an entirely different story and although there were some disturbing parts, hard-core horror fans was unimpressed. The final installment was categorized as horror but should have been in the comedy genre. It was a weak attempt at a film and did little to scare, interest or captivate audiences.

. Halloween H20

Horror franchises often lose the ability to shock and scare with the more films they release. By the time a franchise reaches its 4th or 5th film, the plot has weakened, the characters are past their sell-by date and the blood and gore is expected.
The final installment of the Halloween/Michael Myers saga was filled with bad acting, a repetitive story line and clichés galore. The only savior for the film was Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Michael’s hunted sister and even then her role was weak and her new found strength was disappointing and not something that was played on in the previous films. The original film was haunting and by the time of its release this final film had left us feeling used to the man in the white mask wielding a knife and created nothing but displeasure.

1. Evil Dead

The most recent released horror film , this movie is a complete let down from beginning to end. It is typical of any horror film that is based around zombies, demons and dismemberment. There are so many frustrating parts throughout the film with the lack of phones, dropping the car keys and running downstairs when the characters should be going out the front door.
A huge disappointment, there are some jumpy parts but no one would be left feeling traumatized as promised. There are so many times when you feel that the film is coming to an end but it just keeps going. The special effects aren’t as superior as they should have been and despite the expected gore and loss of body parts there was little in the film to keep audiences’ attention. The main reason for the film’s number one position in this list is due to the fact it is a new release and had so much anticipation yet never delivered.

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