20 Movie CGI Scenes You Never Noticed Part2

السبت، 25 مايو 2013
8. A Beautiful Mind

CGI Scene: The scene with the baby in the bath was filmed in an empty tub, with that perilously deep water added in after the event.
Why It’s Great: The effect is so convincing, and the scene so terrifying that you don’t even stop to think that filming this naturally would probably have be a bit cruel!

7. Panic Room

CGI Scene: As the camera pulls back from the bedroom and takes a tour through the various layers of the house, most of what you’re seeing has been digitally mapped out using CGI.
Why It’s Great: The CGI is totally unobtrusive, but allows for a continuous shot that’s dizzying in its complexity.

6. The Da Vinci Code

CGI Scene: The scenes within St. Sulpice were entirely created by post-production whiz-kids, Rainmaker UK.
Why It’s Great: The Vatican doesn’t allow film crews to shoot within certain holy locations, but this dodges the problem with some style.

5. Spider-Man

CGI Scene: Green Goblin hurls a sequence of razor-bats at Spidey who has to twist and contort his body into some serious shapes to avoid getting hurt.
Why It’s Great: Obviously the razor-bats are CGI, but did you realise that Spidey was too? Well now you know…

4. The Secret In Their Eyes

CGI Scene: The sequence set inside a football stadium during a heated local derby, in which the majority of the crowd are digitally rendered.
Why It’s Great: The scene perfectly captures the febrile atmosphere of the South American football experience.

3. The Social Network

CGI Scene: Any of those in which Armie Hammer’s head is grafted onto Josh Pence’s body to create the illusion of the Winklevoss twins.
Why It’s Great: Had we not already known that the trick was being used, there’s no way we would have picked it. Those Hammer twins were real talented, no? Wait, what?

2. Jurassic Park

CGI Scene: When the T-Rex investigates the light coming from the kiddies’ car. A prize for anyone who notices the moment when CGI is swapped in for the animatronic head…
Why It’s Great: To pull off such a thoroughly convincing piece of CGI without the join being remotely noticeable… well, it’s a masterpiece isn’t it?

1. Zodiac

CGI Scene: Most of the exterior shots of 1970s San Francisco were entirely computer-generated.
Why It’s Great: Most directors would attempt to wing their period detail by hoping fancy costumes would distract the viewer’s eye. Not Fincher, who instead decided to recreate a period city through an incredibly detailed process of digital rendering.

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