Sprint's 'Amethyst' purple Galaxy S III appears on Samsung's website

الاثنين، 15 أبريل 2013

Amethyst purple Samsung Galaxy S III Sprint

Remember that purple Samsung Galaxy S III for Sprint that surfaced earlier this month? It's back again today, except this time the still-unannounced device has made an appearance on Samsung's official website. The purple handset can be found by navigating to the page dedicated to Sprint's Galaxy S III on the Samsung site. Along with the usual Pebble Blue and Marble White variants, there's also an entry for an "Amethyst" version. Clicking on that listing will bring up the image you see above, showing what is clearly a purple version of the S III. Unfortunately, clicking on the Gallery tab for the Amethyst S III only brings up images of the Pebble Blue model.
Neither Samsung nor Sprint have made any official statements about a new Amethyst version of the Galaxy S III, but the appearance of this device on Samsung's website is about as close to a confirmation of the phone's existence as we're going to get without an actual announcement. It may seem kind of strange to see Samsung and Sprint prepping a new color of the the Galaxy S III right before the launch of the Galaxy S 4, but this new Amethyst S III could help reinvigorate interest and sales in last year's flagship Galaxy model. It's not yet known exactly when this purple phone might actually launch, but previous leaks have pegged it for a mid-April release. Until then, you can find a larger image of the Amethyst Galaxy S III in the gallery below.

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