iOS 7 development rumoured to be behind schedule, 'significant UI overhaul' anticipated

الأربعاء، 3 أبريل 2013

It looks like Apple is running behind schedule on the release of iOS 7, the next iteration of the company's smartphone and tablet OS. In a discussion thread on Branch started by MG Siegler talking about future Apple events and product launches, John Gruber of Daring Fireball mentioned that iOS 7 was running behind, and that engineers have been pulled from the team working on OS X 10.9 (the next version of Apple's desktop OS) to work on it. 

Gruber also added that iOS engineers with carry privileges were using some sort of polarising filter on their iPhone displays, to greatly decrease viewing angles, making it difficult for observers to see the 'apparently rather significant system-wide UI overhaul'. Gruber denied being aware of any forthcoming Apple events but suggested that Apple might like to introduce the new 'Mini-style full-size iPad' in April. He said that if the new iPad is not announced in April, it's most likely that Apple will launch it in May but will not hold it until WWDC in June as the new iPad won't ship with iOS 7 which Apple might announce during its annual developers event.

iMore's Rene Ritchie also reiterated that Apple was/ is planning an April event for the new 9.7-inch iPad. He also added that the next iPhone, iPhone 5S, is likely to release in August. This would be in line with the report earlier today of Apple planning to launch the next iPhone this summer. Ritchie noted that the usual release cycle for iOS was 12 months and if the 5S releases early, Apple will have to work hard to match it. Ritchie also added that after Scott Forstall's exit and Jony Ive taking charge of iOS, the company might make some UI changes but developer APIs are likely to follow a fixed roadmap. He also warned that Ive's work might make 'rich-texture-loving designers' sad.

This kind of supports an earlier report by The Wall Street Journal which had claimed that iOS 7 would feature a 'flat design', that is 'starker and simpler' citing 'people close to the company'. 

Apple had announced a major reshuffle of its leadership late last year. Forstall, who was in charge of iOS development left the company, and design guru Jony Ive was given additional responsibility of giving overall direction to iOS, as part of his new role as leader of Human Interface (HI) across the company.

Apple is widely expected to showcase iOS 7 at its World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), typically held in June every year.

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