Panasonic P51 Connectivity - Camera and Verdict

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The P51 is a quad-band GSM and dual-band 3G phone. Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi ‘n’, Bluetooth 4.0 and microUSB. There’s no video-out or NFC capabilities and even GLONASS is missing from the list. The volume level of the speaker is quite loud and is enough for you to hear it even in noisy environments. Panasonic bundles along some productivity apps as well like Kingsoft Office and ToDo. Browsing the web on the P51 is a pleasant experience thanks to the large screen real estate. Zooming in and out of web pages is smooth and without any lag.
Panasonic P51
Large screen is a boon for browsing

The 8MP shooter on the P51 is very good for both outdoor and indoor photography. Even without the flash, the camera is able to capture really good detail and very little noise. Zooming in on the image reveals slight distortion along the edges of objects, but it’s not too much. The flash is quite powerful and manages to evenly illuminate the subject up to a distance of 2 ft. It also does very well in macro shots with very good depth of field.

Panasonic P51
Very good details indoors

Video recording maxes out at 1080p, but the quality is not very good as the file format is still 3gp.

Battery life
The Panasonic P51 features a larger 2500 mAh battery compared to the Grand’s 2100 mAh. This extra capacity is needed since it has to power four cores and a higher resolution screen. It certainly does not disappoint, as the P51 breezed through our 8-hour loop test with a good 18 percent battery to spare.

Verdict and price in India 
The P51’s launch price of Rs 26,990 put many of us off; since on paper it seemed nothing more than a better built Canvas HD. Even taking into consideration the premium for the brand name, it was still overpriced. Thankfully, Panasonic quickly dropped the price and you can now find it for just Rs 21,500. This automatically makes it a better choice compared to the Samsung Galaxy Grand. The P51 may lack GLONASS and has lesser on-board storage but it more than makes up for it with a better screen (higher PPI and scratch resistant), larger battery and two extra cores. The only niggles we had with the handset was the awkwardly placed buttons, unattractive choice of icons for apps and the fact that there’s no place to keep the stylus when you’re on the move. Between the Galaxy Grand and the P51, we’d recommend the Panasonic. 

We’ve rated the Panasonic lesser compared to the Grand because at the time when the Grand launched, there wasn’t any other device that offered those features and performance in that price range, until now. The Panasonic is finally a good alternative, but it loses points for the lack of GLONASS and lesser on-board storage, which shouldn’t have been compromised given its intended price.

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