Justin Bieber's Miami Heat 'Mystery Girl' Speaks Out

الأربعاء، 12 يونيو 2013
Mike Ehrmann, Getty Images
When 17-year-old Hayleigh Youtie was snapped next to Justin Bieber at a Miami Heat game, her entire life changed … for a little while, anyway.
The teen wasn’t a fan of Bieber in particular, but just of the Heat — however, when photos surfaced of the gal next to the most famous Boy Wonder on the planet, things got a little crazy.
Once she posted a shot on Instagram with the Biebs, his loyal, rabid and not always rational Beliebers went at her in full force. “I check at the game, and I have 1,000 follower requests,” she said. “Literally, people finding out all my info and liked. Twelve-year-old fan page girls were like, ‘We’re going to come beat you up.’”
So was she stoked to be near Bieber? “I mean, I was freaking out,” Youtie said when she found she’d be sitting next to the ‘Beauty and a Beat’ singer. “I’m not like an obsessed fan, but obviously it’s Justin Bieber. I attempted to talk to him, but he wasn’t feeling it.”
Youtie says that Biebs refused any photos until a Miami Heat dancer came over to where they were sitting and that Bieber had no interest in conversing with her, though she tried a few times throughout the game. She explained, “It was just really uncomfortable.”

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